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My name is Tim. I am #ActuallyAutistic and proud about it. I will use this forum to talk about Autism and other neurodiversity. I like to tell stories. I like to provide commentary to what’s going on. I am likely to be blunt and forward.

I hope you will be entertained and/or educated by my contributions.



This is a touchy topic…a hot button conversation… But I’d like to talk about it in context… Do you know how hard it is for an autistic person to make friends? Let’s talk about the process of making friends first. You have to get up the courage to talk to someone first. That can be …


It’s been 74 years. To children today, this war seems like ancient history. For me, it was fought in my grandparents’ lifetime. It was not uncommon during the World Wars to have some forge their age to enlist. So on those landing craft, you might have had some as young as 16. Naval shelling. Planes …


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