speed demons


Once again, my other part on drivers in Arizona. Overall, they are better drivers than in Texas. But besides their brights in rural areas, Arizona drivers REALLY love their speed.

Now, these drivers normally control their speed fairly well. I’ve only felt in danger twice. Once was heading to work on an early morning. A construction company worker was staying no more than a half a car length behind me, both at 45 mph and 65 mph. I couldn’t shake the guy. He finally sped by me after about 3 miles.

Then, just the other day, I was in a work vehicle heading to take care of a customer. My technician and I were about to pass a car and a semi truck traveling in the opposite direction. This semi was in such a hurry to move on that he started moving over AS WE WERE EVEN WITH HIS CAB!! Dangerous!

The question is: Where is law enforcement?

There is maybe three state troopers that patrol that road semi-regularly. But if they aren’t around, people break this law. Tribal police rarely, if ever, patrols this.

It is almost like the wild west out here!!

Who’s the #SupeRugby powerhouse? Not the #Australians…

I’m writing this as I sit and watch the test match between the Bulls and Brumbies. I’ll give credit, the Brumbies are playing good rugby this year. So are the Waratahs. So are the Bulls and Stormers (from South Africa). New Zealand is the exciting conference all around this year.

However, I was watching a test match between the Force and Reds earlier prior to this current test. It was boring rugby.

Except for the Brumbies, I fight to not fall asleep during the Australian test matches. This is no matter whether or not they are playing in our outside of their conference.


headlights & common courtesy

Arizona drivers are better than Texas drivers overall.Yes, I said it. Don’t get in to a tizzy if you’re a Texas reader. I said overall. I did not say anyone specific. But when a car or ten jumps out of a lane that us backed up and in to a lane that is empty right after passing a sign that said that lane is shutting down in 1/4 of mile? That’s not being a good driver.When I came to Arizona, I noticed that the population overall were better drivers. I’ve only found two exceptions to that…
One of those is headlights…
Out away from Phoenix, you really don’t have a lot of street light coverage. Being in the mountains, any ambient light is diffused quite a bit. Those two things in combination can make it dark around here once the sun starts going down.If you’re alone on a dark road, you’re going to turn on your brights, right? It’s natural. We want to see everything we can as a safety measure.

But out here, most everyone you encounter with their brights on do not turn them down when you’re coming. I’ve let it be thinking they’ll finally get it. I’ve flashed my brights at them from far off. I’ve flashed my brights at them close up. It doesn’t phase any of them.

There is a reason they have the law against bright light use in incoming traffic. It can blind someone!!! I understand forgetting, but many people out here are oblivious.

There’s only been twice someone has turned their brights off for me in the 8 months I’ve been out here. One was of their own volition. The other I had to remind, but they promptly obliged.