Welcome to The VoiceOver!

My name is Tim. I am #ActuallyAutistic and proud about it. I will use this forum to talk about Autism and other neurodiversity. I like to tell stories. I like to provide commentary to what’s going on. I am likely to be blunt and forward.

I hope you will be entertained and/or educated by my contributions.


What is Stimming?

A big topic about the autistic community is that of stimming. Some people have been often known to refer to it as fidgeting. I would say for me, and likely for many other autistic people, that’s where a line would be drawn. You see, most people stim. But it is often referred to as fidgeting. …

Origin Story

So a day after posting my last article as a contribution to the #TakeTheMaskOff campaign, one particular thing occurred to me. My origin story is one I haven’t told. However, educating people and giving them a chance to understand autism through one’s lens requires the credibility of telling them where you started. It helps to …


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