Sunday Drive

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Here’s where I started out my Sunday morning.  I filled up with gasoline at the nearest gas station to the hotel.  This was the pump I used.  Very pieced together.  While I in the middle of filling up my gas tank, I noticed there was a nice, pristine gas station across the street.  Oh well.  Gas is gas, right?
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Of course, I see these blown over signs while I’m driving.  That ends up leading me to this sign below.
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Now of course, I’ve not been in the desert before, so I’ve not seen how the dirt could blow at the drop of a hat.  However, I’ve seen dirt storms that high before in West Texas.
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I did happen to see this old school hurse.
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And yes, I did stop for something besides gas.  I’ve only been across the continental divide by car in Colorado before.
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I did see these snow capped mountain peaks before getting up in the mountains at Flagstaff.
Once in Flagstaff, I did try to take a video of the wind.  However, you couldn’t hear everything.
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I ended up missing the turn off for the Hoover Dam.  I thought it might be faster going from the Arizona side over to the Nevada side than the other way around.  Since I missed that turn off though, I just took a picture of Lake Mead in my rear view mirror as I came up in to Boulder City.
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Of course, here is the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign.
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And then here’s the view from my room.  See the cars between the other tower and the pyramid?  It’s nearly a mile walk from my room to my car.


I took off from Lubbock yesterday, initially meaning to head straight towards Albuquerque.  However, I came across news that family on Tara’s side would be getting together for a Memorial Day weekend BBQ.  I went ahead and redirected to Plainview to go spend some time with everyone.  It only added roughtly 20 minutes of driving time.
After I left, I cut across to Muleshoe, and then through Clovis.  It showed me that I haven’t been in New Mexico lately, with exception of I-40.  I wasn’t expecting to be going 65 mph.  The stretch from Fort Sumner to Santa Rosa was tough on me because I hadn’t slept well the night before, but I made it through.
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Once to Santa Rosa, I was on I-40 and saw that beautiful sign that said I could go 75 mph.  Texas will have those signs soon.
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I must admit, for about 30 seconds, I was thrown off by this sign.  That would be a great place to turn off to go to Camp Blue Haven, but that’s about it.  Not my destination.
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It’s a little hard to tell, but those are llamas.
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These aren’t llamas, they’re cows.  I was just surprised they were able to craze on scorched earth.
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It was a little freaky seeing this truck come along side the train from far off, but I knew what he was doing.
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These were the ONLY clouds in the sky at all for the day.  These clouds were just outside of Moriarty.
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I find it funny that Motel 76 was sandwiched between Motel 6 and Super 8.
Nothing else much to say about Albuquerque.  As soon as this is posted, I’m packing up and getting on my way.  I’m due in Las Vegas by the end of the day!