the road to home, pt4

When we last left off, we had gotten to the town of Superior. The town rests on the far east side of the valley on the opposite side of the Superstitions. So immediately after you leave Superior, you enter Devil’s Canyon.
One of the first things you’ll come across in a half-mile is the Queen Creek bridge. It is an impressive span bridge. However, there really is nothing left of Queen Creek.
Then you hit the Queen Creek Tunnel, which is a three lane, well-lit tunnel as you enter in to the gourge.
Here’s one guy’s adventure of the OLD bridge and tunnel…
Before all these roads and bridges existed, back in the day, the US Army regularly treked up through Devil’s Canyon to their base at present day Top Of The World. I’m definitely thankful for the modern roads.
Top Of The World is just a small area where people have decided to live. It’s not officially a town. It is, however, the highest elevation between Phoenix and Globe. It’s marked as a “Business Area” with one of those yellow sign speed limits of 45 mph.
I think about 200 people live up there. There’s a couple of visible shops from the highway. There’s a church. Not much to shake a stick at unless you actually live there. I actually had a friend from Texas who got pulled over going through there going 70. At least the DPS officer who pulled him over was nice about it and let him go with a warning. Hopefully they’ll be that nice to my wife if she forgets she can’t be going any faster than 55 mph through there.
Part 5 will take you from Top Of The World in to Miami to home at Globe…