The Colors Are So Brilliant In The Desert


Take a look at this picture. The colors you can see on both trees are brilliant. But do you notice the yellow? No, it’s not fall. Those trees have green bark. They are part of the pea family. But the leaves of green have a dark brown bark.

The #Apple Cult is Feeling the Pain

Viral Infection For Mac Computers

Read this article. For me, this is a big “HAH!” in the face of everyone who has ever said to me that Apple computers were so great and that they can’t get viruses.

Here’s how it works. Guys that write viruses want to make the biggest splash they possibly can. So they go after the giants. Up until about 5 years ago, that undisputed giant was Microsoft. They held over 90% of the market share with Windows and other products.

Now that Apple has made a significant dent in that number, they are now on virus writers’ radar as well.

Anyone with a computer can get a virus. It doesn’t matter the brand name!


Taco Tuesday

So I was told last week that down at the casino, they have this wonderful thing called “Taco Tuesday”. I’m honestly not entirely sure if it is all you can eat or not, but it sounded like a taco bar. Things like that are always a plus.

After Tara’s birthday weekend in Las Vegas, we had no food in the house. That was by design. We left early Friday morning and didn’t get back to the house until 11am Monday. That gave us both time to turn around and go to work that afternoon. That also meant no groceries were going to enter the house until at least today.

I got in my car with full intention of going to Taco Tuesday. But about halfway between the office and the casino, I just lost the desire to sit in the casino for lunch. However, I did stick with Taco Tuesday. Here’s what it looked like…