a tale of two kitties

Both of the cats were outside last night.

iCat was out wandering around and was on the sidewalk between my car and the yard retainer wall. My wife was taking pictures of the space station as it was passing overhead. At one point, she walked down to a point where it scared iCat. That crazy cat leapt the retainer wall in “rapture kitty” fashion, with at least a good three or four inches to spare, and back on the yard.

M, on the other hand, I was holding on to. He doesn’t do so well with outside. When walking back in to the house, M was over my shoulder, and Tara was coming in behind me with the camera and tripod. As she started to come in to the light being shone from the porch, M gradually got freaked out. Now I have four areas of scrape marks and puncture wounds. Hah! We think he was frightened thanks to the tripod.

nocturnal siren music

Before I’ve contemplated any move, I’ve always looked at the crime rate of the town I’d be moving to. Am I moving to a place which is more dangerous?

Frankly, the numbers say that, in general, Arizona is a safer place than Texas. But then again, I always hear on the news about so much dangerous stuff happening. However, that is probably a consequence of going from an urban center of 125,000 or 250,000, all the way to my nearest urban center being home to millions of people. I guess I would get the same result if I had moved to Dallas instead.

Globe, however, is a very safe town compared to most when you look at the numbers. The crime rates are very low compared to state average (which most state average numbers are at or below national averages). The only statistic that was higher was larceny. I figure that it is no big deal. Most we’d have to deal with is a busted car window and a couple of missing items. If you don’t keep anything of consequence in your car when you’re away from it, then just a busted window. But there is one thing that gets me…

Tara and I have discussed this recently amongst ourselves. When the sun goes down, the sirens come out. No, not the mythical creatures whose songs would lure sailors to steer their ships in to the rocks. The sirens that accompany the flashing lights on emergency vehicles. They go on ALL the time. What are they going to check on? A DUI? A domestic dispute? Or how about the mayor’s wife’s hangnail?

A few nights ago, I had made a run to the store after work. It was already dark on my way home to begin with. I end up seeing an EMT Fast Response unit, an ambulance, a state policeman, three local 5-oh, and a fire engine all running in the same direction. I happened to pass by the spot where the commotion was. All I could tell for sure was there was a flat bed trailer on the side of the road about 500 feet past the intersection. It was too dark to make out any details of what was going on. Why were so many units running to this? The fire engine and two of the local 5-oh were in the process of turning off lights and siren and turning back around to go home when I passed by them.

Can we say overkill?