a tale of two kitties

Both of the cats were outside last night.

iCat was out wandering around and was on the sidewalk between my car and the yard retainer wall. My wife was taking pictures of the space station as it was passing overhead. At one point, she walked down to a point where it scared iCat. That crazy cat leapt the retainer wall in “rapture kitty” fashion, with at least a good three or four inches to spare, and back on the yard.

M, on the other hand, I was holding on to. He doesn’t do so well with outside. When walking back in to the house, M was over my shoulder, and Tara was coming in behind me with the camera and tripod. As she started to come in to the light being shone from the porch, M gradually got freaked out. Now I have four areas of scrape marks and puncture wounds. Hah! We think he was frightened thanks to the tripod.