magnetic personality


How many of you have seen something like this? Well, it is a little reminder for me of the day I found out my child will indeed be a boy.

After my wife and I were done at the Ob-Gyn’s office from getting her ultrasound, we had to go to another medical location because I was scheduled for an MRI. I specifically requested this one place because every other MRI tube I have ever been in, I’ve been squished in like a sardine. According to the MRI tech, apparently this machine is 70 millimeters across in the tube, while most others are only 60.

So we get there and there is a parking garage right next to the building. I pull this ticket as we enter, and then put it above my visor. However, at last second, I pull it back out and drop it in my shirt pocket so we can pay the ticket on the way out before getting in the car. I proceed to forget I did this, until mid-way through the MRI.

Magnetic strip vs. MAGNETIC resonance imaging.

When we left, I tried to put it in the pay machine. Nothing.

So, I was thinking there was a manned booth to sort this out with. Nope.

I had to pay the lost ticket fee. Rats.

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