kitchen nightmares meltdown

The Meltdown Continues…Even On The New Facebook Page

This one is short and sweet from me. I am a fan of this show. I have seen restaurants personally that probably should have a spot on this show. That means I can believe that what you see on this show is real reactions. (Plus, I think Gordon Ramsey would have already been outed if it wasn’t real.)

So, if you saw this episode with Amy’s Bakery in Scottsdale, then read things from the local news here like what’s in the link at the top of this post, all I can say is if they want to prove themselves that they may have to go to a different town and change their names. Even then, I don’t know how long they would last.

The Original Meltdown

Grand Re-Opening Event

The Full Episode (according to Fox’s website, it should unlock for viewing on Saturday 5-18)