the simpler things

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the simpler things in life. There are so many things that have gotten needlessly complicated. From politics, to technology, to religion, to soap.

One of many things from the aspect of religion: Dan Bouchelle is the former minister of the church Tara and I attended in Amarillo, called Central Church of Christ. (FYI, those of you Acapella fans will appreciate that Kevin Schaffer is the worship minister there. Always a wonderful time worshiping in song with that congregation.) Well, Dan’s son and daughter-in-law have begun work with an inner-city mission group in the Bronx. He posted a blog about just being available being a ministry in and of itself. It is an amazing look at how just being available to anyone and everyone can allow you to be put in the right places. I’d encourage everyone to read it, and to read the other entries about their experiences.

Also, Tara and I had the privilege to be present at First Colony Church of Christ in Sugar Land this past Wednesday, when their missionary they support in Uganda spoke about the work going on there. You can read more about their work on their blog. But he shared a story with everyone about how one of the congregations they work with in Uganda helped a family with the burial of a member of the family after the Anglican church in the town was going to leave the family out in the cold as punishment to the man because he had slipped in his attendance. To that congregation that helped the family, it was only very simple. Help was needed. Help was given.

I could go in to politics more, technology, and even more religious examples. I could give you other topics and get on my soap box about them as well. But literally soap?

Well, my family took an impromptu quick trip this weekend to Galveston. It is the first time we could really take a trip like that and not feel pulled in all many different directions the way this move has done to us. After we left, I realized I forgot two things. One was pants for church in the morning. Thank you Sam Walton and the wonderful invention called Wal-Mart. Check. The other was soap. No worries though, we weren’t camping. Hotels always have soap on hand. For the longest time, I’ve been using “shower gel” like most other Americans likely have (if you are to believe the shelf space given to that over bar soap). But in hotels, there is always a bar of soap. And I am always astounded that the clean feeling, where all the grime has been washed away, always happens when I use bar soap. Hmmmmm…