Hey #Toto, I think we finally made it to #Kansas!

We blessed the rains down in Africa while carrying on my wayward son, but we finally made it back from the land of Oz!

Kansas is a new adventure, just like Georgia and Arizona before it. On my way up here, I went through Liberal, Kansas and got to see “Dorothy’s House”. No, it wasn’t the real house. But it is one that could have likely been home to a real life Dorothy Gale.

Even up here in Northwest Kansas, away from the towns, away from the highways, the roads are a bit like what you saw in The Wizard of Oz. They are all dirt roads that criss-cross at particular intervals. I can imagine Mrs. Gulch peddling down one of those roads right now.

Also, considering that we live in the county in Kansas with the highest number of tornados in recorded history in the entire state, it’s not hard when I am out on the highway to imagine I’m keeping parallel with a grand looking twister. But that imagination always gets ruined when the Interstate curves in the direction I’m looking, and the tornado in my imagination would have swept me right up.

But, we can’t blame the Wonderful Wizard of Oz for that. My imagination has also been stoked by watching seasons of the now defunct Weather Channel series “Storm Chasers”. With the exception of the twisters of in Alabama during the time the show was running, they were either in the Oklahoma City area, or starting the day just south of where I currently live.

(Disclaimer: My county has the highest number of recorded tornados in state history, but zero fatalities. If I was on the road while I saw a tornado, I wouldn’t just blindly continue on. And I know my safety around these storms thanks to my good buddy Ron Roberts.)