Rhetorical Questions

I’m about to be marking 36 years walking this earth.

Ok, ok…to be honest, I’ve probably been walking this earth about 34 of those years. I’m sure there was some falling, crawling, scooting and bumping somewhere in there. But “Why?” you may ask, am I just starting a blog now? Well, this isn’t my first rodeo. I, like many others of my generation, have tried to write a blog about daily occurrences in life. We’ve tried to share a piece of us with the rest of the Interwebz. My failing has always been what most everyone’s is…I haven’t had enough motivation to keep up with it. So, yes, I am attempting to go down this road again.

Here is the difference. I believe I have found my love of generating content again. Content generation and broadcasting is what I grew up with as my first career after high school. I would have some part in putting the news on the air, or other television shows. Frankly, it would take a whole lot of money to convince me to return to just any random place in that business. Those who still participate directly in it are a special breed. The comparison could be that they are like school teachers. Sometimes, you can’t afford to be in the industry on the salary they pay you. But there is a deep love for what you do, so you find a way to hang on for the ride.

In making a true attempt to launch this blog, I’ll be asking myself some questions.

1. What do I write about?
2. I plan on doing podcasts. What do I cover in those?
3. How often will I provide the content?

I do plan on keeping my political views off of this blog. Some people understand me. Most are not willing to try. I will also try to keep random daily stories from here, as I know whatever audience can be built up are not always the audience for those stories. Let’s see where this goes.

#BeardParty Essays: A Nation Of Laws

I have been sitting on this one for a little while only because I have not had time to sit and write. A number of discussions I have been a party to, or witnessed from the sidelines, have had me thinking about this.

“We are a nation of laws.”

That is a statement I can almost put any politician’s name behind because, at one point or another, most of them have made that statement in a speech. Practically every one of those politicians have been either left leaning or right leaning in their ideology. So this statement has meant different things to each person.

Some say the dominant white, Christian, male demographic is often above the law. A lot of people refer to this as “white privilege”. Others cry out that “Black Lives Matter”. I don’t return that with the other cliche of “All Lives Matter” because, well, that is…cliche. There are so many numerous sub-groups in this country, and they all have their social justice rallying cry. I don’t care to get in to a list because that is not the point of this writing.

Our world in its current incarnation will never be Utopian. There will always be a criminal element. When a crime is committed, the punishment prescribed by law must be enforced.

I was in an exchange with someone over the woman recently deported out of Arizona, back to Mexico, leaving her American citizen family behind. I was hit with a litany of “but” on the topic:

  • …but she was only trying to provide for her family.
  • …but she didn’t steal anyone’s social security number. She just made one up.
  • …but she was given a deal that allowed her to stay in the country.
  • …but she was brought to the U.S. before she was an adult.
  • …but she was targeted by a sheriff who was racist.

I was basically told that her being deported was not fair.


  • …she was here illegally.
  • …she mad NO effort to gain her citizenship.
  • …she was duly convicted of a felony in a court of law.
  • …she was originally supposed to be deported over 3 years ago.

Is it going to be tough on her family because of her choices? Yes. But she is the one who chose to do what she did. She could have rectified the situation a LONG time ago, but did not. The fact that she was here as long as she was is not fair to We The People.

If this country is truly to regain its footing, let Lady Justice keep her blindfold on. Laws must be enforced equally.

We Need A Revolution

No, I’m not necessarily advocating what you maybe thinking. Often, when you hear about revolution, you start seeing a build-up of strength. People prepare for a physical fight, because that is the only way that those in power can get up-ended.

I have had many great conversations with my friend Zach about this subject. Some have been deep. Others have been quite shallow.

By the way, #bechtold2020.

But where these conversations have gone is that we are missing some great people willing to put aside their own good and do what is good for the country. I do not include military members in this. This is just about politicians. Used to, representing the people you do life with every day was an honorable profession. Now days, it is often a profession full of weasels. Zach and I have talked about how the great men who represented were often bearded men.

So while this may never take off, it would be great to actually see this be something. I’m declaring the BEARD PARTY.

While you do not have to possess a beard to join, it is about the ideas that are espoused by the presence of the beard. Nobody in the beard party has to agree on everything. They just need to agree on one. Whatever is in the best interest of our country. Not the lobbyists. Not the politicians themselves. Not those who aren’t lawful citizens.


That is where the strength of the USA is found. Together we stand. Divided we fall.

The idea was first posed by Benjamin Franklin. Join, or die. He knew the colonies wanted freedom from Britain. He also knew they wouldn’t get it on their own.

Likewise, today, our country is fragmented. While many wouldn’t want to admit it, we are in danger of slipping from being a powerful country because we show divisiveness. If we have no faith in our country and don’t support it, what makes you think we wouldn’t end up the victim?

So, this is not something Republican. This is not something Democrat. It isn’t about Trump, Clinton, Sanders, or Obama. This is about you and me. Let’s show the strength we have in the past. Let’s find that one thing that would earn the designation the Greatest Generation of the Modern Era. The cause to stand up for is our country’s existence and independence. That has never changed.

Let’s put a beard* back in the White House, and every other chair that citizens vote on the occupant.

*Literal or figurative