#BeardParty Essays: A Nation Of Logic

I know some people don’t want our country to be a nation of logic because it conflicts with being a Christian nation (which only became true in the 1950s, not in the 1770s). But I tell you, logic was gifted to you by whatever you believe in as a higher power. Logic and religion go hand in hand. With that being said, could it be that our nation’s logic has hit the apex of the pendulum swing and is now traveling in the opposite direction?

I speak of the flat Earth movement.

Yes. You read me right.

There are both famous and regular people that have subscribed to this movement. One of the famous one is Shaquille O’Neil. According to the last time I checked, Wikipedia said there was about 4,000 believers.

Thank goodness and thank God we are talking about a small cross-section of the population here. In the ranks of the famous believers, it is hard not to ask how many are publically ascribing to this as an attention getter and don’t actually believe.

For those of you under a rock to this situation, people are starting to say that we live on a flat disc, enclosed by a terrarium. The sky rotates around us.

No, I’m not quoting from a history book. I’m quoting from recent articles.

These are also people that say NASA is part of a giant conspiracy in this case. We’re not just talking about people that say NASA faked the moon landing on some back lot in Hollywood. These people are saying NASA has faked SPACE!!!

How can we be expected to be taken seriously?

Oh, we can’t.

Maybe I can make a REAL breakthrough and build a time machine. I could ship all these wackos back to a time when this belief was considered to be true and not questioned.

Something a little more realistic would be to get one of these space start-up companies to donate a rode to space for these 4,000. Let them see the proof.

Let me just leave this right here: The Earth is round. We have irrefutable evidence. When there is irrefutable evidence of a scientific fact, it can not be refuted. The only change is that our understanding can be further enhanced.

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