Government, Not Politics

There is an industry surrounding politics. It is called Washington, D.C. For those who become skilled operators, there is money to be had in this industry. When this country was formed, there was framework for a government. But now, politics prevent the government from working.

In government, you keep things running. In politics, you tell the people that you fixed something your predecessor broke. In government, you defend the country. In politics, you do everything you can to become the hero of that defense. In government, it is about continuity. In politics, it is about power.

I do not want to hear about who is running for office 500 DAYS OUT. I would support a law that outlaws campaigning for any office in the country more than 365 days from the election day scheduled.

If people could live their lives, maybe they might be more informed about choices when they come up. Maybe they might be more willing to take part in the process, because they felt like it’s not the same old thing.

It’s government. Not politics.

And keep it out of the news cycle. It is NOT that important to burn your audience out on a topic before the topic absolutely must matter.

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