Right Of Way

The first intersection I go through every morning is a simple one. Two multi-lane roads intersection with full sets of traffic lights. I need to turn right at this intersection. The only time traffic law compels me to stop is if that light is red.

So I’m getting out once again and taking my son to school. As I’m approaching the light, it is green. However, there is a vehicle stopped at the intersection in the lane in front of me. Not being prepared to stop, I have to slam on my brakes. For those who might flip out about this, there was no close call, near miss, or anything of the sorts. Just me not happy.

I honk, and the driver of the car ahead of me sticks his hand out the window and makes a motion like he is telling me to simmer down. This sequence happens again two other times. After all the cars from the other side of the intersection turning left have gone, then he goes.

After getting to the next intersection, this car passes by me while I’m waiting on the red light and is STILL telling me to simmer. I’m thinking I wouldn’t have been there for him to do that had he just gone when he was supposed to.

At this point, I want to stew and grumble and complain on social media. But in the off case I was forgetting something, I go on Facebook and ask others to tell me what the right-of-way rules they remember are.

I’m still annoyed and perturbed, but at least vindicated.

And no, I would have never road raged on this guy. I prefer to avoid conflict unless absolutely necessary.

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