Witch Hunt

This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!

– President Donald J. Trump

I have to agree.

“What? Tim, are you a Trump supporter? Do you really believe his lies?”

Listen. I am not a fan of the man. I’m not even saying that I think he is squeaky clean in what’s been going on. But what proof have you?

“He invited Russia to mess with Hillary’s campaign during a press conference.”

No, the man is a blow hard, carnival barking promoter. He’s going to say what he needs to get your attention. He sure got it!

“His appointees have been talking with Russia and doing them favors.”

Do you have proof he knew of it before hand or asked them to do it? Vice President Mike Pence is closer to being culpable than Trump is. However, political appointees have been nailed doing bad things for years. And they come from both sides of the ideological isle.

“The Republicans were on tape saying Trump got paid by the Russians.”

A congressman speculated something. They speculate all the time! Why are they considered an authority on Trump’s personal matters? They didn’t want him in office as much as they didn’t want Hilary in office. That leaked tape comes off so “Hogan’s Heroes” in my mind.

I could go on.

No one has presented a smoking gun.

There may still be a smoking gun, but politicians and the media alike didn’t want this man to be where he is. This is definitely a witch hunt of massive proportions. What is still left to be determined is if the man is a witch.

Once again, I will remind you I am not a fan of Trump, nor of many of his administration. I am also not a fan of any politician these days. They are all self-serving.

I only wish we had some more European-like rules where if Trump was impeached and convicted, that we could just call for snap elections and kick everyone out of Washington ourselves.

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