Democrats and Republicans are a MYTH

“There will never be a viable third-party.”

I don’t know how many times I have heard or read that statement. These days, it often comes from the leadership of, or the straight-ticket voters for, one of the major political parties.

I will tell you right now that Democrats and Republicans have long since ceased being about different ideologies. It is now “he who has the most money wins”.

Obama had the most money. He just got it in different ways than before.

Trump had the most money, even without the party.

Bernie may have had more money than Hillary, but he threatened how the Democrats got their money.

The Democratic “ideals” threaten the money of business owners.

The Republican “ideals” threaten the social welfare money.

The United States is too obsessed with money.

If we take money out of the equation, our street signs would look more like this one. Some people may say that this is a pathway to chaos. Others say it is a pathway to the true American ideology.

We could have an election in September with everyone. We could then have a run-off in November. We spend less money on elections. We get a more concise result. We might also see less political dynasty.

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