September 11th – Keeping The Meaning

Some may consider this post a day late and a dollar short considering it’s coming up on September 12th. That being said, I was trying to let the social media timelines clear out, as well as my own head.

The remembrances of September 11th, 2001 are varied across the board. To some people, there is deep meaning. For others, they just pay lip service.

I know that on and off in the prior 15 years, I have recounted the story of where I was (at KLBK talking to Mike Shaw). But it seems like my recounting has had similar effect on me as others have had on them. At times, it comes across as more of a requirement than a sentiment.

The attacks will always be a horrific point on the timeline of the United States. So was the assassination of Lincoln, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the first landing on the moon, and the Pearl Harbor bombing. More sad events than exciting, but all life changing events that people have their stories of where they were.

There were heroes, villains, and victims on September 11th. Let’s continue to remember those who were wrongfully taken from us and vilify those who did the taking. There is a natural order in doing that for us as human beings.

But the bigger takeaway is how we came together as community after those attacks. I believe that needs to be at front of mind just as much. Community and the well being of your neighbor seems to take a backseat between massive events that we all remember.

Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, and the wildfires in Montana are events happening that need community to surround people. That is already happening in some cases already, if not all. The generosity and willingness to help is appreciated beyond measure by those that have received it.

But even if next September 11th rolls around and all is quiet, remember the horrific event, people that were lost, and people that have fought to avenge and hopefully make things safer. Then do something for your community. Create positive, lasting effects on people you know, as well as those you may not know. Be genuine. Or as they say in “Bruce Almighty”, BE THE CHANGE!