Yes, My Wife Is Right…

I oft am accused of having to “always be right”. If you’re autistic, you will know that is not what I do. That is not even something I have the desire to do. That being said, it makes this even more important to acknowledge a story like this…

My wife is a pretty smart person. She may not always think I acknowledge it, but I do. It’s just more obvious that I’ve acknowledged it when I sit down and take the time to do some writing, like I’m doing at this moment. This is an indirect effect in the case of this story, but I feel it is proper to acknowledge the part she played, even thought she doesn’t know it yet.

Most people that know me really well know that I am usually SUPER CAREFUL with my iPhone. However, I’ve shattered the screen twice in the last 12 months. The second time was just last night. I made a quick call to a place in town I’m aware does screen replacements.

“Not tonight, but we can definitely get it tomorrow.”

After checking if I can bring it during my lunch break, then I’ve got a plan. So we get to today, and I’m looking at a map because a bad wreck is potentially between me and this shop. Well, with Google Maps, if you select where you’re going, you get user submitted reviews. (My wife checks reviews of all sorts of places ALL the time.)

Good reviews, except for phone repair specifically. Well, there is two other locations. Let me check their reviews.

Not any better.

I all of the sudden was not feeling comfortable getting my phone repaired by these shops. Thankfully, there are a lot of screen repair places in town. I find one with solid reviews and call them 10 minutes before my lunch break starts to check and make sure I can get the repair during lunch.

The best part about this is I have no established routine for something like fixing my phone. So, I was not set on doing any one thing. While it is likely I wouldn’t have checked the reviews had I not been on Google maps looking for traffic data, the actual review checking happened thanks to my wife.

She’ll know it as soon as she reads this.

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