The Mountains

Safe to say, the mountains are my refreshment. As someone once said to me, you just sleep better in the mountains. I must still be seeking out the mountains. When I left for work this morning, I saw a scene reminiscent of being in Denver.

When you go from the east side of the Denver metro to the west, you come to the final valley before the Rocky Mountains rise to the skies. As you hit that point with the city no long spreading out in front of you, but below you, the Rockies are there to welcome you.

What I saw this morning on the plains of Texas was unfortunately not mountains. But it was an optical illusion that looked like mountains. There were clouds low to the horizon, with a separate set of clouds more above me. The sun was rising over the low clouds. The low clouds were a deep blue shade, similar to how real mountains look when they have no direct light to highlight their true features. For just a moment, before I got to the highway and turned north to the sights of metropolitan West Texas, I was transported.

Mother Nature can be so kind and cruel in one fell swoop! 😉

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