Merry Christmas!

Yes, I say Merry Christmas. It is what I celebrate at this time of year. But, here is a partial list of greetings I am happy to accept if you happen to celebrate one of them:

  1. Happy Holidays
  2. Happy Advent
  3. Happy Solstice
  4. Joyous Kwanzaa
  5. Happy Hanukkah
  6. Joyous Yuletide

I’m sure there could be others I am missing. If I am missing one you celebrate, please feel free to let me know. I just didn’t do extraneous research before writing this blog.

No, this blog isn’t about holiday tradition in the winter. That is, except for one tradition that seems to transcend all of these celebrations: the giving of gifts. We all see the craziness to get the last of the hot holiday gift left in stock. (That craziness is even immortalized in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Jingle All The Way.”) We see the craziness of delivery drivers working overtime because people have made order after order on Amazon.

While gift giving often straps the financial resources, let me be the first to offer my temporal resources.

I would be happy to spend my time with and for anyone who is autistic. Do you need some help with something? Do you need an ear? Do you need strategy to help with someone else understanding what it means for you to be autistic?

Especially when you hit adulthood, there are not people there to help. So I’d like to help any way I can. I am not a licensed therapist, so I can’t offer anything of the like. But I can offer a friendly ear who is travelling the same road. (In the future, I hope to study for and obtain my license to become a therapist.)

However you celebrate, celebrate well.

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