Are you normal?

Just what is normal?

I’m borrowing this premise from a prominent and outspoken advocate for the autistic community online. She does good work because she is also autistic, like I am.

 “Imagine if they way you act & think was determined a ‘mental disorder.’ Imagine if people looked upon you with pity and disgust because you don’t conform to their ideas of ‘normal.’ Imagine if people wanted to cure you of being yourself.”

Really. Are you normal? What is normal? Can anything be declared normal in this world? Unfortunately, that answer can only be yes in social connotations. You think you like labels? Many autistic people like labels that much more because it helps give order to our corner of the universe. This is order that many of us crave and need. But we are also hyper-aware that labels can be hazardous to perception of someones abilities.

Before you cast judgement, please be aware what that judgement means to them.

Also published on Medium.