It sometimes surprises me…

People who have known me for quite some time (mainly family) don’t always process some things that are problems for me. That’s ok. I still have problems understanding my problems and the source of them as well.

I help maintain some things in a call center environment. Yesterday, I had to spend about 90 minutes in that environment. About 20 minutes in, I was really starting to wish I had brought my earplugs with me. First, I noticed I was getting physically on edge. Second, I started realizing it was the noise. It wasn’t the volume (I’ve explained this effect before). It was the many voices talking about the same level. It was the lack of moving air. I remembered my earplugs for a visit to the store later in the day, but I was having trouble the rest of the evening after that.

It surprises me, still. So it’s ok that others still have issue understanding.

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