Some days it just feels like it would be easier to move to Norway. I would just need to find a job and learn to speak Norwegian. Then I ‘d be a shoe-in.

But I’d need to speak Norwegian first.

Does anyone remember the saying that “Rome is burning”? That talks about when Nero set fire to his own city, blamed the Christians, and made no effort to put out the flames. That’s what I feel like right now. We elected Nero. He’s set fire to Rome. It makes me just want to move somewhere like Norway.

But I’d need to speak Norwegian first.

We can’t just find a formula and stick with it in our country. We have approached the point where every new group is reinventing the wheel. Not because the wheel went away. But because they want the by-line. Meanwhile, the citizens of our country are trampled over because of the actions of a few. Too bad we couldn’t just move to Norway.

We’d need to speak Norwegian first.

What place will take me if I speak English?

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