Making A Difference

Someone wrote online today about how the trials and troubles of being an activist sometimes just makes them want to quit. It’s a shame to read that. Some people are pre-disposed to spur positive changes for different groups of people. They may not know what they are getting in to, but they want to help and push an agenda nonetheless.

Other people want to make a change because it is something they are effected by. That’s the group I would qualify with. I want to force changes. I want to make a difference. I want people of different neurotypes to not be shunned and to be given the ability to achieve things, just like the rest of the people on the planet. The more change I can invoke, the better.

But for myself, or anyone else in my shoes, this approach can be tiring. That’s when you must remind yourself of one thing. Who are you doing this for? What person? What people?

Me? I’m doing this for myself. I’m also doing this for my kid. If I make a difference for the two of us, I know I’ve been successful. If I am able to help others, then I’d be over the moon.

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