Perfect Example

A few years ago, there was an uproar about a new law in Georgia. The only problem is that uproar didn’t come until after the law was passed. It was a distracted driving law. Most everyone will say “I’m in favor of such a law!” But people threw a fit when Georgia law enforcement started issuing tickets.

They pulled over people for eating in their car.


Yeah, you read right.

Two cases in particular that made the news were someone eating a cheeseburger and another person eating food with a dipping sauce. At its heart, most people will say that these are innocuous examples and those people are not distracted.

I will give most people credit that they can navigate and masticate at the same time, but I saw a perfect example today of why such a law makes sense. I’m getting on the Interstate highway today and the truck in front of me is taking its time. The driver at one point looks down, which would appear to someone looking from far off as he might be checking a phone. However, once I pass him, I see he has a half-eaten breakfast burrito in one hand (the same hand grasping the steering wheel), and a Big Gulp in the other, taking a big slurp. He goes to put the drink back down, takes his eyes fully off the road, and the hand still on the steering wheel follows the rest of his body. It was just enough time to cause a wreck.

So I’ll just leave this tidbit right here. It is something I learned in driver’s education, BEFORE cell phones were an issue. The instructor said: “Where your eyes and your body go, so do the car.”

Paying Attention

I had a person pull out in front of me in traffic today when they shouldn’t have. I know we all have had this happen in different cities at different times. This person did not cut it so close there was almost a wreck, but close enough it inconvenienced me.

A mile down the road, I was waiting immediately behind this same person at a traffic light. When the light turned green, this person started to look around, almost in disbelief that the traffic had stopped. I almost think this person never actually looked at the traffic light.

It never ceases to amaze me about the things that people seem to not pay attention to. It usually is something that we ALL have been taught to pay attention to. Let’s all pay closer attention to our surroundings tomorrow.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

I love this meme. There is probably a lot of truth to it. I know there is for me.

My blogs are kind of like the plates of people who are full of extreme pickiness about their food. It doesn’t matter that it all mixes and melds in their stomach, but it can’t touch on their plate. It can’t touch on their fork. It can’t touch in their mouth.  Where some people post one blog and everything that they write goes on it, I can’t seem to bear the silos of topics mixing together for one reason or another.

This blog? The content itself is seemingly random. But the purpose for its existence is that ever so present question you were always asked as a kid.

“What do I want to be when I grow up?”

Maybe it is very adult of me to finally admit that I don’t know the answer to that question. I wish I did. It’s as if all the constructs of society have no chance of stretching to meet the constructs of my mind, or vice versa.

There’s a lot of things I have done lately to stand up for myself and be “more adult”. I like not being walked on or pushed around. I hate being sad with the product.

Car Eyelashes

“Tell me I didn’t just see that.”


You did.

But as odd as this is, it is even odder to see this in person. I saw a scene like this before I exited my car to enter work this morning. I only have one question.


I would truly love to sit down with someone who does this and just find out what motivates them. Not motivation for the eyelashes, but just their motivation in general.

If you are someone who, or know someone who does this, please direct them towards me.

50¢ Corndogs

I was at Sonic Drive-In last night. While there, I noticed a sign for a 50¢ corndog night coming up next week. I sat there thinking to myself that I must come back around to Sonic that evening.

Then my historical recall kicked in. The last time I was at this Sonic and asked to make sure my corndogs weren’t burnt, they came back a very plain color of brown. Not once, but twice.

I quickly kicked in to math class mode. I have a box of corndogs at home from Walmart. It cost me about $4. There are 8 corndogs in the box.

“Dude! You have 50¢ corndogs at home!”

Rhetorical Questions

I’m about to be marking 36 years walking this earth.

Ok, ok…to be honest, I’ve probably been walking this earth about 34 of those years. I’m sure there was some falling, crawling, scooting and bumping somewhere in there. But “Why?” you may ask, am I just starting a blog now? Well, this isn’t my first rodeo. I, like many others of my generation, have tried to write a blog about daily occurrences in life. We’ve tried to share a piece of us with the rest of the Interwebz. My failing has always been what most everyone’s is…I haven’t had enough motivation to keep up with it. So, yes, I am attempting to go down this road again.

Here is the difference. I believe I have found my love of generating content again. Content generation and broadcasting is what I grew up with as my first career after high school. I would have some part in putting the news on the air, or other television shows. Frankly, it would take a whole lot of money to convince me to return to just any random place in that business. Those who still participate directly in it are a special breed. The comparison could be that they are like school teachers. Sometimes, you can’t afford to be in the industry on the salary they pay you. But there is a deep love for what you do, so you find a way to hang on for the ride.

In making a true attempt to launch this blog, I’ll be asking myself some questions.

1. What do I write about?
2. I plan on doing podcasts. What do I cover in those?
3. How often will I provide the content?

I do plan on keeping my political views off of this blog. Some people understand me. Most are not willing to try. I will also try to keep random daily stories from here, as I know whatever audience can be built up are not always the audience for those stories. Let’s see where this goes.