So J-Mac and I set off to Hobby Lobby to do a Mother’s Day shopping trip. With a little guidance, J-Mac picks his gifts for Mom!

When we got there, I put him in a basket outside the store, then we waited for an older couple to exit the store before we went in. As they exited, J-Mac said “THANK YOU”, to which I didn’t think anything of. I hear it numerous times because he’s been taught to say it at hopefully the right time.

As the couple cleared from the door way, we started to go in. However, the lady came back to open the door back. I tried to tell her it was OK and we could get it. But she said, “No, he said thank you, and so I need to hold the door open.”

J-Mac: 40 Months

So J-Mac, I am borrowing this concept from a friend of a friend’s blog. But I think this would be a good way to look back on life when you can start reading.

We’ve been in Lubbock for a month and a half. You’re a very flexible guy, unless you have had too much. I’ve been very thankful you listen and follow what I ask (within a range of the fact you are three years old and don’t want to listen). But you do like when you’re able to be around your mama. We both look forward to the end of the school year already when she doesn’t have to be in Kansas during the week.

You’re in two different pre-school programs. Around the apartment, we know them as “morning school” and “lion room”. The ball pit and tunnel in the motor room at “morning school” are always your favorites to talk about. But you are making a lot of progress with things at both schools. It is wonderful to hear you talking and see your personality blossom more and more every day.

Every time you want to go home, you want to go see the “killy cats”. But you are happy to see cousins, Grammy & Dangran, as well as Pappy. I know you seemed to like school and life in Kansas, but you appear to be latching on to life in Lubbock even more!